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December 15, 2010 by JukEboXAuDiO
Hi guys,

So I installed the updates to Windowblinds and now whenever I open a project in photoshop the area where the image is is just blank. If I move the photoshop window around i can see the image but then when I stop moving it its blank again. If I unload Windowblinds I can do work on the image but its really annoying to have to unload windowblinds to do photoshop work. Can anyone help me?


July 3, 2009 by JukEboXAuDiO

I am using multiplicty on 4 computers. Center computer is main macine. I have a machine stacked above center machine and one on either end of the center machine. Here is the issue. I have a cursorFX setup using Clear cursor theme. When I move my mouse to one of my machines and move it back to my main machine, 50% of the time the cursor disappears and the only way to see it is if I go to the control panel > Mouse > pointers> and change the pointer. After a certain amount of...
February 23, 2009 by JukEboXAuDiO
I have seen DigitalChet do it but I am not sure how he does it. How do you take a screen shot of the logon screen? Can you help me out? My Print screen doesn't seem to work.
May 8, 2007 by JukEboXAuDiO
Is there any news one DesktopX 3.5? The website says it has been coming forever. Any news?
March 7, 2007 by JukEboXAuDiO
Ok so I under stand that Dream is for Windows Vista Ultimate but will there be a purchaseable version for all versions of windows vista?

Just wondering.
September 12, 2006 by JukEboXAuDiO

I have my key for RC1 and I am working if the following programs will work on my soon to be installed copy of Windows Vista x64 Bit Edition RC1

-Multiplicity (Thinkdesk)
-DesktopX V3.0
-CursorXP V3.0